Kenton Elementary School Tornado Safe Room

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 Kenton Special School District Safe Room


EnviroSafe Solutions assisted Kenton Special School District in securing a $850,000.00 FEMA Tornado Safe Room Grant to Construct (4) new classrooms at the Kenton Elementary School. The Safe Room was classroom wing containing the Tornado Safe Room was constructed within the four (4) rooms and associated corridor. The Addition opened in April 2012 and will provide shelter to the School staff and students, as well as the surrounding residents during a severe weather event. The Tornado Safe Room will be able to provide shelter to a little over 700 people.

 Kenton Special School Dist

Protection From The Storm

The Safe Room will be able to house up to 719 people and is designed to withstand winds up to 250 mph. The total Occupant Safe Room area will consist of 3,644 square feet and will provide a safe haven for the school staff and students in the event of a severe storm with high winds, a tornado, or even an earthquake. In addition, the Safe Room will be made available to the citizens of the Kenton area of Gibson County during an actual weather event.

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Peace Of Mind

The Safe Room will provide a vital and secure location for students, staff and surrounding residents. The Kenton Special School District feels that the Occupant Safe Room is a preventative measure and a long-term solution that has the potential of saving thousands of lives in the years to come.

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