W.O. Inman Middle School Safe Room

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Completed in January of 2012, this is the 3rd Tornado Safe room that EnviroSafe Solutions of America (ESSA) and Henson Construction Services has helped Paris Special School District complete. We believe The Paris Special School District is the first Public School District in Tennessee to provide a FEMA approved Safe room at all their schools, which are large enough to house all it’s students and staff. The W. O. Inman Safe room has a large open space that the school uses on rainy days for after school activities such as football and baseball practice. During non-school hours the City and County will use the large room for a Training Center and public gatherings.

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Protection From The Storm

The completed Safe Room was designed as a Multipurpose/two room stand-alone Occupant Safe Room/EMS Staging Area with a connector to the school. The total Occupant Safe Room area consists of 3,920 square feet and will be able to accommodate up to 772 individuals during the event of a severe storm with high winds or an actual tornado

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Peace Of Mind

The Safe Room will provide a secure location for students, staff and surrounding residents. The Paris Special School District feels that the Occupant Safe Room is a preventative measure and a long-term solution that has the potential of saving thousands of lives in the years to come.

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