Soulsville Charter School

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Soulsville Charter School – Memphis,Tennessee

The City of Memphis’s Soulsville Charter School has decided to expand its facility by adding a 15,708 square foot Multipurpose Center that will contain an open Recreation Area as well as a full service Kitchen. The building will be used by children from grades 6 through 12 as a Cafeteria and for indoor Physical Education classes. The building will be designed and built to meet FEMA 361 Requirements and will house 1,640 Occupants as a Tornado Safe Room Shelter. ESSA was able to secure a $2,986,381 HMGP Grant to fund the Project and we were selected as the Grant Manager by Soulsville Charter School



Construction Progress

Located in the inner-city Memphis neighborhood of Soulsville, USA, Soulsville Charter School is adjacent to the site of historic Stax Records, where the Stax Museum of American Soul Music now celebrates and preserves the Stax story. The Multipurpose Center is under construction and is on schedule to be completed by June of 2014